Laboratory Building

Project Description

Damptech Scope

Highlights and facts

This is a Laboratory in Yokohama for NICHM in Japan. There was a desire to reduce displacements and accelerations to protect laboratory equipment.

The building is a combination of steel and reinforced concrete.

Damptech Dampers are classified as high-damping devices and were used by the designers to add damping to the elastomeric (rubber) bearings.

Damptech dampers perform equally well at all earthquake frequencies and amplitudes, are unaffected by temperature and are an economic solution, where large displacements are required, as in base isolation.

Damptech Product:

V- Dampers:          No. 8

Capacity:               35 Kip (150 kN)

Stroke:                   +/- 24inch (+/- 600mm)


City:                      Yokohama, Kanagawa

Country:                Japan

Engineers:             TAKENAKA CORP.

Floors:                   7 Floors

Height:                  115 ft (35 m)

Tower Space:        ~100,000 ft2 (8,797m2)