Tourism Bank , 20 Story Moment Frame

Project Description

Damptech Scope

Highlights and Facts

The Tourism Bank headquarter building is a 20-story multi-functional building. Originally was 18 floors. The project was launched after an incomplete residential building had been bought by Tourism Bank.

The client changed the function of the building from a residential one to an office building and retrofit the structure to meet all new code requirements, made economically possible by equipping the structure with RFDs (Rotational Friction Dampers).

Damptech dampers are used in this structure for two main reasons: addressing all new code requirements and decreasing the seismic demand on the structural elements. These aims would have been difficult to achieve using traditional methods. 

In addition, two more floors were added to have 20 floors.

Completed in 2015, there are 179 Damptech dampers installed in this structure.

Damptech Product:
Type:      4J (4 joint) Dampers
Capacity: 35/45/67/90 Kips
              (160/200/300/400 KN)
Total nr.: 179
Type:       Steel moment frame
Location: Middle East
Architect: KRDS
Height:     20 stories
Area:        300,000 ft2 (28.000 m2)