Torre Capital Project, 4J Dampers

Project Description

Damptech Scope

Highlights and Facts

Torre Capital is located in Temuco, La Araucanía, and features energy efficiency, seismic dampers, air conditioning and LEED certification.
“The building attracted attention because of its height and architecture, and tenants were looking for a building where new technologies were incorporated,” says the head of Real Estate Sales Herdener.

Opened in May, 2014. The building is 82 meters tall and has 24 floors, making it the tallest building in southern Chile.

Diagonal bracing with 4J Damper.
Total number Units: 20 (10 double story
diagonal bracing elements on each
façade) The damped diagonal bracing
performance is sperior to BRB performance, since column and foundation loads were significantly reduced.

Damptech Product:
Type:       4J (4 joint) Dampers
Capacity: 850 & 1100 kN
Date:       May 2014
City:        Temuco, Araucanía
Country: Chile
Height:   24 Floors/ 82 m
Engineers: Sirve/ Nuyun
Architect: Víctor Silva
Tower Space: 130 offices
Investment: US $ 16 million