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Project Description

Damptech Scope

Highlights and Facts

The five story laboratory was Damptech’s first base isolation project in Japan.

We obtained the required and difficult to achieve approval in Japan for the 150kN damper after several months of rigorous testing at the structural testing laboratories of Takenaka Corporation and Kawakin Core-Tech.

Damptech provided supplemental damping to the elastomeric (rubber)
bearing base isolators. The dampers are classified as highdamping

Damptech dampers perform equally well at all earthquake frequencies and amplitudes, are unaffected by temperature and are an especially economic solution, where large displacements are required, as in base isolation.

Damptech Product:
V- Dampers: 8
Capacity:      35 Kip (150 kN)
Stroke:        +/- 24inch (+/-600mm)
City:          Osaka
Country:    Japan
Flloors:      5
Height:      100 ft (30m) 
Completed: 2004