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33 Story Office Tower:

The client wanted to save money by adding supplemental damping to the steel frame.

The result was savings of $2,0 million, after taking into account the cost of the design and construction of the dampers. The load reduction allows the steel frame to be lighter, since the earthquake deformation and energy dissipation is concentrated in the dampers.

DAMPTECH dampers added supplemental damping to the steel structural frame and reduced the forces on the structural frame to 66% of forces without damping, from 1682 to 1110 tons.

The dampers used on the building are Type 4J (4 Joint dampers), used in a damped V-bracing configuration.

Type:                      4J (4 joint) Dampers

Capacity:                90/ 112/ 180 Kips

                             (400/ 500/ 800 KN)

Total nr.:               170


Type:                      Steel moment frame

Location:               Middle East

Height:                   33 Floors

Area:                      517,000 ft2  (48.000 m2)