Hospital Project (27 floors)


Highlights and Facts

The owner wished to reduce interstory drift and floor displacements/acccelerations. Combined with a steel shear wall at the core, the dampers were used primarily to reduce torsional movement.

Interstory drift reduced to 60% of code requirements. In this case 1.2% instead of 2%.

Savings of 16% of steel, 3,600 tons, or $12 million, excluding dampers, corresponding to a reduction of 4 psf (20 kg/m2) compared to a traditional Moment Frame. 

Type:       4J (4 joint) Dampers
Capacity: 112/180/225 Kips 

               (500/ 800/ 1000 kN)
Total nr.: 426
M2:         180.000 m2 (1.90 m ft2)